Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Raise A Glass.......

~ Viking Toast 2014 ~
I'm feeling it...the percolating...the rumbling ...the feelings of determination and promise of hope in the New Year! Can you feel it? Many folks are thinking resolutions... I am not!

Here's my theory of resolutions: They overwhelm, discourage and fade! Looking to leave that all behind, I joined in on a different approach last year. On New Year's Eve, among friends and much laughter, we made a Viking Toast.....an oath of sorts. For me, I toasted to "broadening my world and being part of something bigger in 2014". I felt it......committed to it!

The goal for me was clear "to join in and participate more in My Life".  Anything more than I had been would be a plus. It felt broad and do-able. Lessen the expectation, create bigger rewards! 

What I really want to share with you Dear Readers, is this.... whatever you are looking to do, take on, change, add to your Life....can happen!!!! That's the biggest thing you need to know. Break it down, start small. Do things that lead you towards it and eliminate what takes you further away from your vision. 

You may be encouraged to know that an awesome thing starts to happen! There is this energy and momentum that begins to build, which provides motivation to keep doing a little bit more. Regardless of how far it takes you, it will be more than if you hadn't done anything at all.

It is my true belief that we each are given this gift to take charge of our path and the only way it will ever take place is with small steps.

I raise a glass to you Dear Readers, as we welcome 2015 with open arms and hopefully a great pair of shoes to take that first step.


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