Friday, December 5, 2014

Heartfelt Holidays............

There is a calmness that comes with not rushing...which translates to me
"don't put off what you can do today". As we find ourselves at the beginning of December, it's the perfect time to revisit our notebook of how we want our Holiday to look. What's important to you Dear Readers?

For me, my Holiday list includes, time with family and friends, Acts of Kindness, making snowflakes, mulled cider, peppermint lotion, neighborhood gatherings...

I tend to prefer doing things sooner than later, so I am not rushed... it leaves time for the unexpected that may delay me or create a sudden opportunity. 

In order to make these things happen and enjoy them to the fullest potential of memory making moments they hold, I have to make an effort. In saying that let me explain..the effort comes when I need to organize thoughts and plans to help things run smoothly in my mind and with the follow through. I also need to realize my sons are no longer little and I no longer make all the schedules and decisions. (really working on that one... I know, I know "roots and wings...roots and wings") I need to keep things in perspective as to what really matters and it may be time, to let one or two traditions go. Pang, Ouch!

Visit your list Dear Readers, think about the special touches you can add to your Holiday prep, let go the parts that are unrealistic expectations, look for opportunities that can make a difference for you and others. 

Be in the moment of what you are doing and make amazing Heartfelt Holiday memories of your own.

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