Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy New Year To You............

Its in the air...can you feel it???...September and all it's splendor, how it offers a sense of new......sense of rebirth...a sense of fresh start. It's that back to school, seasons are changing energy I'm feeling. I like to think of it as a time to jump into something new...New Years in September perhaps.

However, if you are not feeling it, no worries. When making changes, there is an element of "fake it 'til you make it", that works for me. Let me try and explain my non professional, it works for me, worth trying theory. Sometimes we have to convince our psyche, by our actions, that we truly want to accomplish something. For example... several months ago I made the decision I wanted to get healthier! I came up with a plan for eating healthier, making more time for mindful living and exercising...AT ALL!

However, starting with all good intentions and a plan that I thought felt right for me, I became stagnant on something like day 3. My dream and vision of wanting to build lung capacity and feel a bit toner...ok toned at all, frequently flashed in front of my eyes and I realized I had to tweak my plan and tame the pressure I put on myself to stay on track. I knew I wanted this but lost motivation so quickly. So I revised my plan. I told myself for 2 WEEKS ONLY I would make wise food choices, meditate more consistently and exercise. If no changes physically or mentally that was it..... I'd bail! During those two weeks I "faked it." with salads, protein and smaller servings. I dragged my sorry butt out of bed in the mornings and went downstairs to the treadmill. Telling myself this was going to make a difference (again "faking it" big time....while convinced this was all a form of self torture and a waste of time)

Winding down of week 2 it started to happen, I had more energy! clearer thoughts! and a bit easier breathing! Damn I was going to have to continue the faking for another two weeks....then it gradually started to happen, as I hit weeks seven and eight, the effort was less...the results were more....better breathing.....much clearer thinking. Fast forward to 6 months later now and my original plan has morphed into a way of Life for me. I've developed my own tricks for sticking with it. Not always easy mind you, but I realize first hand that I'm making a difference that I feel is worth the work. There is a piece of not letting myself down and that feels real good.

So here is the thing Dear Readers. Give it a try in this September New Year. Select something that you would like to accomplish, a house project, learn a language, volunteer for a non profit, healthier living choices, explore a hobby or interest. Whatever YOU want to add to your Life.You are driving the bus! List out the steps to get there. Adjust as you go, keeping it a match for you. "Fake it" with your actions as you try it on for size. If at two weeks it's an all over "hell no" and you can't find any rewards for the effort, even after you have dug really deep deep...let it go and move on to something else. Heck I joined a gym and declared my own three month trial and found it just wasn't for me. Now I make that part happen at home. 

You've got this!!

As always feel free to message me at if you need someone to bounce ideas around with or a cheerleader to keep you going.

                       The beauty is YOU can add things to your Life.....
                               to enhance and ultimately embrace!

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