Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Auld Lang Syne.........

As we bid farewell to 2013, I play a photo montage in my mind of the year in review. There was laughter and tears, setbacks and milestones. 

For me, mental notes were taken and lessons were learned. During the difficult times I learned the power of patience and serenity. Feelings of being scared or sad will ease and things really do feel a tad better in the light of day. Throughout the year, I was both the comforter and the "comfortee". It is when we turn to others and ask for help, we open the possibilities to strengthen tenderness, understanding & connections.

The love of family and friends prevailed, and together we saw each other through.

Happy and joyful times reminded me of the importance of joining in and making things happen. The benefits of being part of something fun provides me with "fall back" moments, so when things aren't feeling so good, I have something joyous to remember.

Whether your thoughts for the new year are "out of the box, let's mix things up" or "smooth sailing please"....my wish for you is that they come true!

2014 here I come!

Cheers ~

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