Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happier At Home...Part 4

Quick recap for folks just jumping in: I recently discovered author Gretchen Rubin and one of her books titled "Happier At Home"A few weeks ago I embarked on my own discovery using her book as my guide and blogging about it along the way.  Seeing what works for me and sharing it with you.....just in case it creates an aha! moment for you too.

In my last post I chatted about possessions in my Life & the role they play. I continue to be aware of them so they don't weigh me down & in fact look for the lightness & happy moments they create in my home. 

Next piece to my Happier At Home puzzle:

FAMILY: I consider us to be a pretty happy family of four. I believe we are "family strong", kind, loving & supportive of each other to the core.
That is truly a Blessing, which I give thanks for daily....but as a little additional piece, I look to make the day to day interactions just a bit more jovial. We all get caught up in the stresses of work, school, chores, house repairs etc. Life can make us a tad cranky and a bit less than pleasant to be around from time to time. It's not just my house is it?? 

Reading Happier At Home I was reminded of how a slight change of mindset can have a positive and happy effect in my home! My take away from the recent portion of my reading includes:

~ Share more positive acknowledgements for what I see that is done "right" (and by "right" I mean my there any other??)

~ Refrain from negative dialogue that just perpetuates negative energy

~ Stop and listen

~ Pick my battles

~ Keep in mind that what is a priority to me is not necessarily to the others  

~  Make efforts to create family time

~ Be mindful of what is going on in the lives of my loved ones...feel their pain and victories

Since I have been mindful of these tips, I do have to say there has been a bit of levity in my home. Now I can't be certain of the exact cause and effect...but I can say "I like the feeling" and the response I see it having on my fellow family members. So yes, I am delighted to share that, with creating an awareness and taking the initiative, things are feeling Happier At Home!

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