Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Down To The Wire..........

...and we're back. There is now Internet in our house again. Three days without it was just enough to feel uncomfortable, yet feel the benefits of being without it. There was more conversation and engaging in small talk among family members......Ok some of the talk was complaining about being without Internet service, but still, there were also conversations about more substantial things like college mail and "where do you picture yourself going", with my almost 16 year old...answer, in case you are wondering "away."...More on that in another post.

I never realized how having Internet was imposing a pressure of being connected, needing to reply to emails, staying up to date with Words With Friends ( it is so addicting) and poking around on Facebook to see who is doing what. All those things I do enjoy, but it had somehow crossed over from enjoyment to expected.

It was a nice break that caused me to get back to basics and slow it all down just a bit. So here I sit thankful for modern technology once again to post on my blog.....while at the same time realizing after getting past the uncomfortable feeling, I liked being disconnected a bit from the other aspects of the Internet.

This goes back to the thought of balance. Looking at a situation and getting everything out of it I can. I'm glad to be back that's for sure...the thing is, it's so much easier to handle when I am the one making the decision when to be connected and when to be disconnected. 

Now my plan is this, I am going to incorporate a bit less technology in order to disconnect (certainly not from my blog...I love that too much) so I can enjoy a bit more connected in my Life!

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