Sunday, February 3, 2013

Beauty In The Flowers.....................

"I Believe In You" Flowers

My dear husband thoughtfully brought me flowers this past week. A beautiful gesture to brighten the spirits of a waning believer that great amounts of rest, fluids, zpack, and eating "right" would quicken the pace of my perpetual cold and asthma aggravated bronchitis.

The flowers themselves are beautiful, but for me the real beauty is what they mean!
Looking at them I see his message of "I believe in you Babe", "You will get better real soon...I know it!!" "My crazy drive of an hour and a half after work was nuts and I just wanted to get home...but I stopped and got you flowers, because you mean so much to me." 

Yup! I got all of that out of those flowers.

We do what we do for a reason and when in a family and heartfelt relationships they are our way of saying I Love You....You Matter!  I am remembering now about twelve years ago...the boys were real little, I was that overwhelmed, shower every other day, hair in a clip, no time for "just me" phase of motherhood. 

Marketing needed to be done and my Mom came by to watch the boys...God Bless her! As I was leaving she said "have fun." Seriously?! It was not the send off I was looking for. I replied "I really don't think doing this for the family will be fun and I want to be doing something for me!!" (wow..... cranky much???)

With clarity, I now get my Mom's response..... I'm a bit more of a "seasoned"...ok OLDER, Mom..... She said "think about how special it is that you can go and get food to prepare meals for your family." Well, let's just say THAT was not well received by me then, but makes all kinds of sense to me now!!

There is beauty and a message in the things we do for others. I'm guilty of losing sight of those things that I do and so importantly all that is done for me! It's tough to think while cleaning the toilet "I do love my family and I will show them that by really making this bowl shine."...but you get what I mean.. right?? We are all trying and have good intentions. Sometimes it takes a little reminder to nudge us to see all that family members are doing to show their Love.

So let it be said "I am open to the beauty and message in all that I give and receive."

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