Sunday, January 13, 2013

Viewer Discretion Advised.......

Before I sit to type a post, I toss around ideas and do a "mood check in" to see what I want to share and what is feeling relevant to me at that moment. I did that this morning and couldn't decide on an exact starting point, then it hit me....missing out on the obvious around us. That's what I will share today.

Sometimes we don't even see the obvious that is right is front of us.

Case in point: A few months back, I was sitting in my living room visiting with a friend.....I look up over the doorway and you see those motivational words in the above photos? IMAGINE and INSPIRE. Well they weren't saying quite that. I look up to see the words below. Yes, my words of comfort and motivation had been hacked! I quickly text my oldest son and asked..."how long has there been a "man penis" in the living room?" His text back, "next week will be a MONTH!"       


Are you kidding me????? My mind could not race fast enough as to who had been in our home and potentially seen this! He and his brother explained, it had been the last day of summer vacation and they wanted to do something fun! So they had at it with our living room decor. I must say I thought it was  hilarious!! I could not believe I had not seen it before that night. The crazy thing was I had been cleaning earlier in the day for a get together. I was dusting the casing below the letters, cautious not to let the letters fall. At which point I said to my son "it's amazing what you see when you know people are coming over." I was referring to dust. And his reply of  "sometimes something is right in front of you and you don't see it!" made a whole lot more sense after the discovery.

It really made me stop and think how we can go along our days and not really SEE!  We take for granted what we think we know to be true. I'm a bit more aware these days....and let me tell you....I look at those letters everyday (now back in their respective locations)  and smirk.

I know for me I can get caught up in "the race" and lose sight of the obvious in my Life. Like my awesome husband who drives an hour and twenty minutes back and forth to work everyday, (that would so fall into the "just say no" category for me) or how he asks me if I want the last bite of dessert when we are splitting something yummy. Or asking if he can get me anything once we've settled in for the night. His dedication to seeing that my needs are met is  exceptional. It means the world to me and I'm pretty sure I don't thank him nearly enough. They become the obvious and then I just expect it. Not any more! I take the oath~
"I will express more frequently my appreciation for the routine and obvious. I will not lose sight of my surroundings, the people in it or any time of man penis appears in my home!"

So what are you missing in your day to day routine??? Stop and take a look, you never know what you might SEE!


Lori said...

Funniest story ever especially coming from you! Think of the daily joy the boys had each day you didn't notice! I'm wondering if the other man in your house knew of it.

You have a great talent in writing Maria and you are so faithful to keep at it!

Maria said...

Thanks for the comment, Lori. No he didn't know either. Crazy! The boys told us that it was so hard to keep a straight face for so long....Making memories!