Sunday, December 23, 2012

Feel The Impact.............

My older sister and I  ~ 1968

     Christmas is about traditions, memories and the impact they have on us. One of my earliest Christmas memories is the creche my Dad made. It was an important part of our decorations. Each year it was and continues to be displayed prominently on the server in front of the "big mirror" (with the reflection adding a special touch.) Additions made through the years included animals, straw, and angels hanging from a twig branch that my Dad painted gold. There was just something so magical that took place when that creche came up from the basement.

It always held a great presence for me during the Christmas season. It was one that brought both comfort and tradition to my Holiday. 

When old enough, my son and husband built our own family creche. It is a staple item to our decorations. The baby Jesus' crib is actually the one my Dad carved out when I was little.
Now it sweetly collects the straw the weeks leading up to Christmas, as each of us shares an Act of Kindness with others. It reminds me of my childhood and the foundation that was built.

As I wrap up this post, I'm actually wondering??? parents have said they are really simplifying their decorations this year. Yikes! I should have asked if the creche made the cut. I'd rather know ahead of time, than walking in and being surprised. I mean c'mon though it's the creche, it's got to be there.

Ahh yes the impact traditions have on us. The really tricky thing is....... it's different for each of us!

Wishing you all that is Merry & Bright my dear readers. And may your traditions and memories be overflowing with goodness ~


Brian said...

Nice post Re. Word on the street is that the creche made the cut this year. I'd be shocked if its not on the server. Can't say that the mantle will be that tricked out though. Heard that got simplification this year.

Maria said...

Phew...good to know ~