Sunday, October 28, 2012

Simple Gestures........

There is an incessant voice in my head, that for the last 5 months I have tried to "decode". Now, it's not a voice that speaks clearly or in full sentences (that would be too easy.) It's words or phrases that cause me to question their meaning....perhaps more of a feeling you could say. For a while I cast it aside. Carrying on with my day to day tasks, visiting it periodically to see what the heck it was telling me.

Once I began listening more closely, and not resisting the message, along with being open to what I needed to came to me with clarity!  

I want to be part of a feel good vibe. I so love that rush (which I'm thinking is similar to an athlete's high, but since I don't have one athletic bone in my body, I'll experience it my own way) I want to be a part of people joining together to brighten one and other's day...even in the simplest forms, where immediate impact can be felt. Touching lives! 

I believe I've known for some time that this is something that matters to me. ...the new wake up call is, it is for me to initiate, in a group make it happen! Create the vibe!

So my wheels are turning with Simple Gesture Ideas. With the holidays approaching I think I was suppose to "decode" this message of thanks and giving right about now. Phew glad I responded to that constant nudge!

Check back for updates and perhaps even consider joining me (once you hear more of course).....oh and please be sure to be open to your own little nudge, you never know what you may be missing!

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