Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Catching Up...........

               I stray just a bit today from my traditional style of posting ~
                ....... after all that's what a personal blog is all about right ?

Last week I had the extreme pleasure of chatting with a friend that I only see a few times a year, but we email through out just the same. In an effort to pick a date to visit we messaged back and forth. At one point she wrote "I'm around today if you want to give a call so we can figure something out".

I called and not only did we plan a time to visit we talked for over two hours.....It was just the best! We originally connected in a playgroup when our first born sons were around three years old, now we chatted about their first few months of college. We looked back at who they were then and the young men they have become. Which traits are still present and play a role in choices they make today. We continue to encourage each other as we did back then.  "Will he ever eat vegetables" has transitioned into "how involved should I be"? 

It was comforting to talk, reassure and encourage each other at this particular phase of motherhood. We both agreed that we learned a lot with our first and that we became more confident with our second. (both boys as well)

Our friendship has grown, as our sons have gotten older.....each maturing with age.

As we hung up we decided we needed to do this more often. Later that day I sent her an email saying how much I enjoyed our catching up, on the telephone.....who knew?!

Etreintes mon ami ~

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