Thursday, December 8, 2011

Letting That Go..........

I've started a note book for "blog thoughts".  As posting ideas pop into my head or I read something of interest that I feel I would like to write about at some point, I jot it down.

So this morning I was flipping through my notebook, looking for a tad of inspiration, when I read "the opposite of being happy scares me". I tried to recall where I got that and then I was something that I had actually said !

When I wrote it, I was feeling so happy and content that the thought of it slipping away and my being left with the opposite scared me.

Why is it that when things are ticking along just swimmingly, we ( I say "we" but perhaps it's  just me really) become tentatively guarded that we cannot be fortunate enough for it to last any length of time? I go into the whirling thoughts that include "do I deserve such goodness and happiness"? "Will I be able to handle the alternative"? (there was that "self imposed" pressure at it again)

So let me tell you what I did with those thoughts......A while back I came up with a mantra "I've let that go so I can grow"! That's what I repeat to myself when my thoughts go into an automatic response of how I "use" to think .  Just because I previously had trouble with something, or worried and stressed over certain things, doesn't mean I have to carry that baggage around with me in current situations. If it isn't helping me on my personal quest to move forward...I let it I can grow! Corny, I realize, but it works for me...maybe you too!

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