Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Thread in My Quilt of Life.........

So I've come to realize as I get older and let's throw in there wiser because that eases the age part just a bit......... that quite frequently "I think too much". Now I understand what my dear husband means when he says "give your mind a rest" and let's not forget "no wonder you are so tired at the end of the day, your mind has been whirling non-stop".  My automatic response is "that's just how I am"! (my response to be read in a not so friendly voice because his comment didn't feel like a compliment, even though he said it from a very caring place)

It was a personal aha moment for me when I read the line "we cannot control all of our thoughts, but we can control how we process those thoughts". These powerful words come from the very enlightening book "The 21-day consciousness cleanse" by Debbie Ford.

I am now aware of the active role I play in my thought process. Or more specifically processing of my thoughts! Being aware of the impact makes all the difference for me. There is such personal strength in knowing that thoughts create feelings and it's oh so important to be an active participant.

Now when a thought comes to mind that feels a tad troublesome or anxious driven, I put it into a category that works for me....Is this a realistic thought? (quite honestly I don't really think a bird will fly in my car if I have the window open a bit while driving ..right??) Does it need addressing right now? (the old boots and sneakers that have been in the basement hall for 8 years already can probably wait a bit longer)

The reward for me is so very sweet. Since I have adopted this awareness within myself and incorporate it in my journey of self exploration, there is a sense of calm that is with me more than not. Now, I'm not saying this is my 24/7 approach to life, because that in itself would be way too tiring. However, it is an awareness I have adopted, part of the older and wiser me .........a thread in my quilt of Life!

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