Monday, January 18, 2016

Come On Over..........

Yikes and Oh No! Recently I was told that folks who have enjoyed my More Than Mom Thoughts blog in the past did not realize they need to sign up on my new blog, Connect With Your Life to receive email updates that I've posted something new. New blog, New name...Same Me

Here's a few easy steps to be back on track to reading my entries and getting your dose of connecting, relaxing and finding motivation!

1. Click here to go to my current blog Connect With Your Life

2. Look to the upper right corner where it says FOLLOW BY EMAIL

3. Fill in your email address...almost done

4. Here's the clincher!!! 
   Go to your email inbox, there should be an email from Feedburner (host of the notifications) *Open that email & follow directions how to confirm your sign up!

Now you will be back in business and on your way with my tips, techniques and stories of my journey, all in an effort to help you.....Connect With Your Life!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Put On Your Dancing Shoes.....

Wonder where I've been????? Jump on over to my Connect With Your Life blog. A blog I started with some of the tips & techniques I share in my workshops and classes. 

This journey of Life is not always an easy one....but one of the discoveries I have made: if I make the time to connect with my Life, it eases the hard times and encourages an instinctual response to see the glass as half full, the good in others and a peacefulness in my automatic response is to want to share it, so in an idealistic, movie ending kind of way, together, we can enhance our part of the world....and be able to dance & sing in the rain!

You can read and sign up for email notices of my current blog, by clicking here

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Yes! Roots & Wings.........

Here you are looking at wings!
Throughout my time as a mom I have looked to create the gentle balance I felt my boys needed. This included foundation concepts that I hoped would carry them through life. They saw times of compassion and empathy as a way to accept and not judge others. We had fun with Random Acts Of Kindness, which included paying for the person behind us at toll booths. At the not so joyful moments, there were arguments and disagreements, translating to me as opportunities for Life Lessons...which I must add was met with resistance because "can't we just be mad?" was frequently the response I received. I get it now....ironically that was MY time to learn.

It was important in my mind to "pave the way" so things would run smoothly on a day to day basis. A therapist once said to me "smooth now will mean bumpy later, they need to figure things out." Thank you Dr. R.

There really wasn't a time table in my mind when these roots would be established enough for their wings to fly. Oh I certainly saw it along the way. Drivers licenses, girlfriends and part time jobs all showed me they were getting older. Milestones and memories filled my Mama Bank.

Regardless of what the future would hold, I wanted them to feel the power and love of our family of four! I envisioned whether near or far (ok only pictured near) we would remain a family of love and support. Believing "as parents the best gift we can give our children are roots and wings" became my husband and my mantra when they were very young.

And here we someone flipped a switch, I am living that future that once felt oh so far away. This past weekend my oldest son moved 2974.5 miles for a great job opportunity in LA. (yes, I could have said 3000 miles, but I'm still adjusting) 

There are a range of emotions for me for sure, but my biggest is EXCITEMENT for him!!! 

This is what we do as parents. We get them ready for moments just like this. So that they can say yes!  And for me, yes there are the occasional tears and reassuring whispers (I'm silently repeating to myself, 10 years or less...10 years or less...)  But when I see his smile and the opportunities being offered to him, I smile from ear to ear too, because as a mom that's what I always wanted to do ~ Encourage a life of discovery in a world of possibilities!

So here you are my Dear Zachery, it's your time to truly soar....may you always feel the love, strength and support of our family of four! 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Reflection To Move Forward....................

Thank you for stopping by More Than Mom Thoughts! I started this blog over three years ago. I specifically remember the feeling of  "jumping in without my floaties"! The feelings of uncertainty (not knowing what direction I was taking this blog in) vulnerability, curiosity and sheer delight when folks started reading my thoughts and coming back for more. Oh and how can I forget the surprise slice of Red Velvet cake from my Dear Husband to celebrate that first post!

With each passing post and feedback from my Dear Readers a blog was born!

This past year I began giving a voice to More Than Mom Thoughts by conducting presentations, sharing my journey, along with stories and my belief of the importance of being connected with our lives. For me the practice of  positive & mindful living, sprinkled with a bit of levity, can make all the difference in our days. I enjoy meeting people at my talks, sharing AHA! moments and touching lives.  My Connect With Your Life talks took shape, workshops were created and the only thing left to do was.......

Launch a new blog

If just discovering More Than Mom Thoughts, I invite you to read as many posts as you like (there are over 230 yikes!) in the Blog Archive section to the lower right portion of this page. Then jump on over to Connect With Your Life at the link above or below, where the discoveries, motivation and mindful living inspiration will continue.

To my Dear Readers who have been with me since the maiden voyage on October 18th, 2011, a great big THANK YOU, come on over and continue to Connect With Your Life!


Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Thoughts..........

Greetings Dear Readers! Playing with new thoughts, I am taking a 4 week "or so", hiatus from my blog. (like how I build in a buffer there to ease my stress?...kind of like "ish", it allows for flexibility and keeps me on this side of cranky)

Knowing when you need to take a breath, is always something I recommend!!

It will be a time of Questioning! Exploring! And listening to a whisper! I'm thinking it's all part of New Year = New Thoughts!  

As always, I encourage you to hear the whisper, discover what you need and explore your Life!


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How Do You Like Your Cookies.......

Thoughts to keep in mind as you think about goals in the new year!

Be realistic! There are already too many super heroes

Make expectations fun. Bubbles everyday?

Whatever you pick to do, once a week is a good place to start. Less pressure!

Yes you will stumble BUT that doesn't mean your goal is not possible. Just means when you do accomplish it you will know that you worked that much harder. High five to you!

Choose something that will enhance your Life. Pretty sure learning Japanese would be over zealous.....but if it interests you, give it a try!

Be kind to yourself when you do slip up. Remember.....slip up.....get up! Did you hear the one about the blogger who poured dish washing liquid on the two remaining chocolate chip cookies before tossing them in the trash??? No me either!

Believing in you Dear Readers!

Very Happy 2015 wishes around the world!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Raise A Glass.......

~ Viking Toast 2014 ~
I'm feeling it...the percolating...the rumbling ...the feelings of determination and promise of hope in the New Year! Can you feel it? Many folks are thinking resolutions... I am not!

Here's my theory of resolutions: They overwhelm, discourage and fade! Looking to leave that all behind, I joined in on a different approach last year. On New Year's Eve, among friends and much laughter, we made a Viking oath of sorts. For me, I toasted to "broadening my world and being part of something bigger in 2014". I felt it......committed to it!

The goal for me was clear "to join in and participate more in My Life".  Anything more than I had been would be a plus. It felt broad and do-able. Lessen the expectation, create bigger rewards! 

What I really want to share with you Dear Readers, is this.... whatever you are looking to do, take on, change, add to your Life....can happen!!!! That's the biggest thing you need to know. Break it down, start small. Do things that lead you towards it and eliminate what takes you further away from your vision. 

You may be encouraged to know that an awesome thing starts to happen! There is this energy and momentum that begins to build, which provides motivation to keep doing a little bit more. Regardless of how far it takes you, it will be more than if you hadn't done anything at all.

It is my true belief that we each are given this gift to take charge of our path and the only way it will ever take place is with small steps.

I raise a glass to you Dear Readers, as we welcome 2015 with open arms and hopefully a great pair of shoes to take that first step.